Animal Clinic – Bílá Hora opened its gates on the 1st of December 2003.

The concept of the clinic is that of a modern veterinary medical centre, and together with its facilities it meets the highest of European standards.

We comply with the technical standards of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and are one of the very few hospitals being awarded the ISO accreditation. Our professional specialisation is directed towards small animal surgery, orthopaedic surgery, oncology and imaging (radiology, ultrasound CT, invasive and non-invasive endoscopy).

During the last years Animal Clinic Bila Hora has become a top referral centre for complicated orthopaedic cases. Our foreign clients come from Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. Our veterinarians have a high level of practical education and are frequently invited to speak at international meetings across the globe. Every year we publish several scientific papers making us opinion leaders especially in orthopaedic surgery within the Czech Republic

We speak English, German and French.

Of course we offer all standard services for small animal medicine in the best possible quality.

We provide the following services:

  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Orthopaedics, bone and joint surgery
  • steosynthesis (plating and ESF)
  • general traumatology
  • stifle surgery (TPLO, TTA, CBLO, DFO etc)
  • endoprothetic surgery (Total hip replacement, knee replacement etc)
  • arthroscopy
  • corrective osteotomies
  • Neurology, spinal surgery
  • CT, spinal tapping etc
  • Physiotherapy, aquatherapy
  • Internal medicine
  • Stomatology (full spectrum incl. endodontic treatment)
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Reptile medicine
  • Consultations etc
  • All routine treatments
  • Clinical diets

Technical equipment:

  • Modern high frequency X-Ray machine
  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Ultrasound, echocardiography
  • Air – conditioned aseptic surgery hall
  • Septic surgery hall
  • Inhalation anaesthesia, monitoring in all technical rooms
  • Hospitalisation, intensive care units
  • Cat hospitalisation
  • Quarantine
  • Laboratory (biochemistry, urineanalysis, haematology)
  • Endoscopy
  • gastro- colonoscopy
  • endoscopy of the respiratory tract
  • laparoscopy
  • arthroscopy
  • Under-water treadmill for physiotherapy
  • Therapeutic laser
  • Hospitalisation for reptiles


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