for English clients

13. října 2020

Dear clients,

we are forced to introduce the following stricter measures.


!These precautions are valid from 12.10. until further notice!

  1. Please report your visit by phone upon arrival.
  2. For clients without an appointment: the reception will give you instructions on when it is best to visit the clinic.

Phone number: 775 322 829

Opening hours have not changed yet.

  1. Please do not visit the clinic due to preventive cases (vaccination, claw cutting, etc).
  2. With immediate effect, no one other than the staff may be present on the premises of the clinic.

Patients will therefore be accepted for examination in the outdoor areas of the clinic.

When you arrive at the clinic with the patient – ring the bell at the stairs next to the main entrance or call the reception to have the receptionist put you on the waiting list. Wait either outside the clinic or in your car untill the reception asks you by phone to come in.


  1. The doctor will compile a medical history in the outdoor areas of the clinic and then take over the animal for further examination / treatment without the presence of the owner.


  1. Postoperative check-up of orthopedic patients: send us a short video of the dog’s walk (from the side, front and back) and a short video of the trot (from the side) at the scheduled date of the check-up. The doctor will then decide whether a physical check is needed in the current condition.


  1. Check-up of internistic patients: briefly describe the condition of the animal by an e-mail at the planned date, your attending physician will decide on the basis of the condition whether a physical check is necessary in the current situation, or will recommend further medication


  1. Report unmanageable and aggressive animals in advance.


  1. After the treatment, we will ask you again by phone to pick up the animal.


  1. We prefer card payments.

In the outdoor areas of the clinic, please keep the maximum distance from other clients, masks are mandatory. Only one authorized person will be allowed to go to the clinic to hand over/pick up the animal.

Thank you and we wish you and your pets good health.