Information for our English clients

2. ledna 2021

We kindly please you to read following instructions:


Due to the COVID infection in the team of Animal Clinic and quarantine of the clinic at the end of the last year, in the days following 4th of January, the clinic will be operated by limited number of staff. Please be prepared for longer waiting times.


We strongly advise you to schedule every appointment in advance by phone or by email containing your phone contact in case we are unable to answer the phone.


Please avoid visiting the clinic due to preventive care (vaccination, clipping the nails, expressing the anal glands) considering lack of our staff members.


Only urgent cases (according to the decision of the veterinarian) will be dealt without prescheduled appointment.


New safety precautions since 4th of January:


  • All clients must be registered at the reception.
  • Maximum of two people waiting in the main lobby cannot be exceeded.
  • Only one person accompanying the patient is allowed in the area of the clinic, we strongly advise you not to visit our clinic in pairs or families.
  • During the registration or payment there can be only clients at the reception following the rules of personal distancing.
  • Clients cannot be present during the examination of the animal.
  • Aggressive dogs/cats will be sedated or examined in the outside premises of the clinic.
  • Animals sensitive to cold (cats, small mammals and exotic pets) will be hand over to the receptionists after check in.
  • Clients are not allowed to entry the rear “orthopaedic” building – patient handover and communication with the clients will be realized outside.
  • All xray examinations will be carried out in short sedation – no fixation by owner is needed.
  • Critically ill patients (with high risk of anaesthesia) will be fixated by the personnel of the clinic.
  • NEW – No clients are allowed during the physiotherapy in the rehabilitative room.


We kindly please you to obey these rules. What we try to maintain is the care for your pets. We try to avoid new quarantine precautions. These regulations are valid until further notice, please follow our web and FB pages. We apologize for reduction of your comfort. However, we await the understanding of our clients. All the precautions are meant to protect you as well as the personnel of the clinic.


Thank you